What is MindFocus by Melanie

by KNiQ

“People don’t dream big enough. We help them learn how to dream bigger.”

We listen. We unblock. We facilitate. We advise. We teach. We manage.  

They are part of a wide range of skills that we bring and that many other people bring to their role. But those things are not coaching.

What is MindFocus by Melanie

In this post, I want to clarify what MindFocus is and why I think it is so powerful. 

MindFocus weekly calls lead to an adjustment of the thought process, helping you to gather the vital intelligence needed for recognizing your triggers and silent stressors. It is essential you are aware of your past and present blocks to allow you to cleanse your computer (mind) of viruses which are blocking you. After your sessions, you’ll be able to think faster with your newly rediscovered energy and clarity, with the capacity to run at full speed to achieve both your business and your personal goals.

It is a thought-provoking and creative process that enables people to make conscious decisions and empowers them to become leaders in your own lives.  And being a leader is not about a job title. It is about taking responsibility for our world.

What is the power of coaching for agility?

Agile is a mindset. There is no methodology. There are no perfect processes. We have a set of values and principles to help guide decision-making. We believe in the art of the possible. We do the hard work and make the difficult decisions and always seek ways to improve.

This is where the power of coaching comes in.

  • MindCoach helps people discover what is important to them and what they want.
  • MindFocus helps people discover their own solutions.  
  • MindFocus encourages and explores creativity. 
  • MindFocus helps people learn and reflect from their own experiences.  It helps deepen the learning of successes, losses, and failures. 
  • MindFocus challenges people to be open to possibilities, break through limiting beliefs, and take intentional action. 
  • MindFocus creates a safe and courageous space for growth and experimentation.

Melanie knows that the Mind is one of the most powerful tools on this journey and that by developing a healthy and focused mind through MindFocus Coaching, one can achieve any goals we set can be achieved especially relating to triggers and emotional / stress eating.  

So let’s talk and talk some more!  Release the old beliefs which are blocking you. 

We are what we think! 

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