WHAT IS KNiQ?Get Ready – We Do Things Differently!

At KNiQ, we believe that nutrition means a collection of care; nourishing our bodies is the first and most fundamental definition that springs to mind. However, we find that this is a limited view – we take a deeper approach. One of life’s luxuries is making the time to care for ourselves and learning the art of nourishing the mind and organs, for growth, energy and expansion.

At your first-stage KNiQ meeting, we’ll help you to understand the current silent stressors in your life. We’ll analyse your nutrition, lifestyle and mindset to then give you new coping strategies and a bespoke new ‘toolkit’.

  • KNiQ – VEC®
  • Our Body=Vessel
  • Our Essence=Energy
  • Our Brain=Computer

Once we understand where the body’s deficiency lays and why ‘we eat the foods that we do’, we can find the root of our eating habits. By changing these habits, we can then start to eat food that nourishes the mind and body. With our weekly MindFocus calls, we offer practical support in everyday living. This leads to an adjustment of our thought processes, helping us to gather intelligence that is vital in recognising our triggers and managing them effectively. This is the first step towards reaching KNiQ personal management.


Beauty40+ Melanie, the KNiQ founder, has picked the finest experts based on her own personal discovery during the last 8 years. Our experts truly understand the body and menopause. They have the answers and the key actions for achieving a natural, youthful approach within and outside of the female body. Embracing the IQ of looking good, together we go on a journey with the 8 experts to focus on nutrition, BodyWork, sleep, calm, energy, strength and Beauty40+.

FaceCamp Natural anti-aging solutions! Natural Botox in 8 minutes a day. The founder has developed a daily routine using 3 different techniques, which can be done at home.

  1. We bring to you Koko FaceYoga and Koko FacePosture®, from Japan! Focus on lifting the face by waking up sleeping muscles and address the muscles that are overworking. We spend more time in our resting face approx. 23 hours (including sleeping) and 16 hours a day where gravity plays a part. We teach you how to rewire the neuropath from the brain to the facial muscle, to discover a whole new way of how to remain youthful, naturally. You’ll see impressive results!
  2.  Lymphatic Drainage Facial, from Japan. Noticeable results from simple facial massaging done at home!
  3.  KNiQ Triad Device, from the USA, stimulates the muscles to tighten, lift and contour. You can book a personalised private session 1-on-1 with the founder, for a thorough face analysis, including room for improvement, and a bespoke daily exercise routine! Once mastered, you will see powerful, long-lasting results!

BodyWork40+ Our expert personal trainer is 44 years old, and she understands how to help 30+ female bodies. Learn how to burn fat during your day and spike your human growth hormone. You’ll be shown how to strengthen and define your legs, thighs, stomach, bottom and batwing arms! We use various techniques such as massage, physio, weights and pilates combined with nutritional guidance.

Healing + Energy Is powerful! Clear the mind and discover your consciousness; dissolve any past and present blocks. You will be taught from mystics and masters to remove the pressure of the word ‘meditation’. You’ll find your true essence and core self, and your energy will reset so you can find moments of still calm within yourself. Our 3 experts work together in this section. Once you’ve learned and felt the benefits, you’ll wonder how you ever lived beforehand!

Hypnotherapy Our expert has been practicing for over 20 years. The hypnotic state is often characterized by: feeling deeply relaxed, a reduced awareness of your body, reduced awareness of your surroundings, a quietening of the mind, moving through blocks that were preventing change, a feeling of not wanting to move, the fading in and out of the therapist’s voice, and a distorted perception of the length of the hypnotic session (time distortion). Ultimately, the power to make the changes you want lies with you. It is very empowering to know that you can change what was holding you back!

Acupuncture Our expert is an advanced TCM doctor and a part-time TCM lecturer. The basic thing of TCM is prevention. This involves, above all, building up the body’s reserves of energy to resist pathogenic factors or prevent the progress of pre-existing disease. Thanks to her background in TCM and in Western medicine, she is experienced in infertility, gynaecological disorders, gastrointestinal and respiratory diseases, different types and stages of cancer, chronic pain syndromes and sports injuries. You will learn how to adopt a holistic and balanced approach to improve your general, underlying state of health: your Sub-Health State (SHS).

Kundalini Yoga Practising kundalini yoga helps to raise consciousness by releasing subconscious patterns that block the flow of kundalini energy so that we can better understand ourselves and live a more harmonious life. Regular practice will enable you to reduce stress and anxiety and strengthen your nervous system. Kundalini yoga expands lung capacity, purifies the bloodstream, stimulates the glandular systems, and encourages the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone.

KNiQ has researched 18 daily habits guaranteed to keep you on track to achieving KNiQ personal management of your body.

Where focus goes, energy flows

Tony Robbins

Life and business strategist