TULUM 4 Days = 8 Habits

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Time drifts by in Tulum, as you sunbathe on its white sandy beaches; waves crashing on the shore. Enjoy restoring your body with the delicious goodness of raw juice and Buddha Bowls at Raw Love. Join us, let us take care of you for 4days and you can trial the Midlife liberation 8 Habits. You will not need to think from the moment you land in Mexico.

This popular location lies 90 minutes south of Cancún, along the Yucatán Peninsula. With a lush jungle on one side of the main street and the Caribbean Sea on the other, this land has high vibrations of energy. The streets are brightly coloured with fun slogans, creative clothing designs and a multitude of artisans.

Tulum is the chosen destination by the founder of KNiQ to rediscover yourself. Here, you will learn the power of stacking daily habits to bring back your vitality and enjoy a youthful body. This is the perfect opportunity to take your time and relax after lockdown! It’s an incredible environment to experience the true essence of VEC® .

It’s time to celebrate rest, and dance, with the latest DJs at Ahau.

+ 4 Days Art & Culture Festival

The founder of KNiQ is an artist at heart and follows arts festivals such as Art With Me (think Burning Man meets Art Basel). The four-day arts and culture
festival brings together local businesses to highlight the town’s talent by focusing on music, art, food and wellness, all with an educational undertone.

Locals are building awareness of the environmental needs of the area and how to make the magical bohemian destination of Tulum sustainable for many years to come.

If you are interested in a trip to Tulum total 8 Days. 4 Days = 8 Habits & 4 Days Arts & Cultural festival join our waiting list expert@knightsbridgenutrition.co.uk

We look forward to meeting you on your rediscovery!