KNIQ 10 Bodywork Session to Achieve Long-lasting Health


We focus on our physiology

  • 1 x assessment (30 mins)
  • 1 x workout (30 mins)

A leading expert in her field, Rachel specialises in training women in their 40s and over. She has a sharp IQ within a beautiful body and will teach you how to spike your human growth hormone!

KNIQ 10 bodywork session to achieve long-lasting health

Do you want short-term or long-term results? With Rachel, you will learn how to achieve long-lasting health, fitness and body confidence. Rachel’s main focus is helping busy, stressed people find the right weight management and fitness programme that fits into their lifestyle and gets them long-term results.

Training, qualifications and fitness credentials

  • Personal trainer
  • Pilates instructor
  • Tennis instructor
  • Metabolic Balance® nutrition and DNAfit nutrition
  • Corrective exercise specialist at The BioMechanics Method
  • NLP and CBT

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