Melanie Watts


My name is Melanie Watts, I am the founder of KNIQ – Knightbridge Nutrition.

KNiQ is a culmination of my life journey to seek out authentic alternatives to the traditional marketing-led products and toxin-filled solutions aimed at women. It was through my own 20 year journey of research and experiences that KNiQ was created.

I was born and educated in London and reside between London and Tuscany. I began working as an Interior Designer in luxury properties and as a Project Manager for yachts and private jets. Alongside this I have also launched my own fashion brand. I have represented some of the most influential global leaders, favouring New York, Milan and Tokyo. With a heavily work-based lifestyle it has been vital for me to maintain a healthy and active life.

Like many women, I have experienced my own traumas throughout my life from; supporting my family emotionally and financially.
Being diagnosed with a neurological condition, losing my mother to cancer and later being diagnosed with precancer myself. So I understand life comes with its own challenges.

It was essential for my recovery to regain control once again.
Today I am feeling the best energy levels I have ever felt and I am thriving on my discovery of internal and external natural beauty.

‘A number should not define who we are.
We deserve to look and feel magnificent throughout our journey in life.
All we need is the right tools’

Mama, Baba, Nonna

I have just reached Midlife Liberation, It’s made me reflect and appreciate the evolving chapters of my life. I have been a dedicated daughter, married and divorced, a mother to an exceptionally talented 32 years old daughter and now I have experienced the privilege of becoming a grandmamar to an enchanting granddaughter.

Qualifications and Experience

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)
NVC (Nonviolent Communication)
VEC® (Vessel, Energy, Computer)
Tony Robbins Health and Wealth Mastery & Business Mastery
Psychology 7 Human Needs, State Management, Triad & Focus Results
Koko FaceYoga + FacePosture® Advanced Instructor for UK

Private note from Melanie to you


“I want you to feel how I feel, energised, fulfilled, happy and finally content with my age and my looks – it has taken me 20 to be able to reach this point and I’d like to make it a quicker journey for you. I am waging a war against botox and toxins and these industries and those who make you think you need them. You don’t. My programmes will provide you will all that you need in a healthy, sustainable and loving way for your body. Join me in the revolution.”

Let’s honour our vessel together.