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Having a child is one of life’s richest and most rewarding experiences, but for some women and couples it can also be a time of uncertainty. It’s difficult to know which “experts” to trust and where to find the right guidance for your journey to parenthood. Although miscarriage is becoming more widely discussed, sadly, it is still an issue that is considered taboo.

Fertility 40s, Fertility 40+ & Couples Conceive

At KNiQ, we talk and we nourish and we are there for you every step of the way until you become pregnant. There are many complex factors which can influence fertility, so it is fundamentally important that you provide yourself with the most amazing nutrients possible whilst you work towards creating that little miracle.

We are passionate about preconception care. We share with our clients the specific methods which our nutritionist used to become pregnant – she now has two beautiful daughters.

The main areas of focus are:

  • reproductive conditions
  • men’s optimal sperm health
  • hormone levels
  • ovulating or experienced miscarriages
  • infertile couples achieving natural conception
  • men and women who are over 35
  • stressed-out couples

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