Feeling stuck by Rachel

by KNiQ

Knowing your weaknesses is a powerful tool and many times your weakness is “you just can’t do this on your own.”

So let’s paint the picture- you’ve listened to all the guru’s advice on how to be successful. Such as “get organised” – check, “practice positive self-talk”- check, “stick to a routine” – check, “have a growth mindset”- check. Basically, check, check, check – yet you still are feeling stuck and starting to doubt yourself. Never fear. This is common and happens at all stages of change.

Feeling stuck

In my decades of coaching the number one reason for those who are ready for change but are still stuck in overthinking. Now as an over-thinker myself small bursts of this can be exciting and energizing, but when overthinking becomes chronic…well that’s when it becomes draining, confusing, and creates that stuck frustrated feeling.

So how do you solve overthinking? My main advice is to have a good old-fashioned brainstorming session with someone you trust. But also someone that will let you do most of the talking.

See, there is a fine art to listening to people which not everyone is trained in, this is where a trained Coach or Mentor on hand becomes very valuable. But that is not to say that a friend or family member couldn’t be right for you either.

However, this person must allow you to purge all your many thoughts and know what questions to ask and the right time. Many times in these circumstances you will unstick yourself simply by speaking out loud.

However, imagine sliding doors. In one scenario someone cuts you off and starts talking about themselves. In other they listen to every word and then give you that perfectly time thought-provoking question that leads you to that “ah-ha” moment. Where the overthinking now becomes an organized manageable to-do list which energies you to get going. 

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