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Digital and paper – where do you file? Do you have a stack of paperwork that needs filing? Can you find things? Do you have a good digital drive with all your files in order? 

Desperately trying to find that all-important document? Do you have 10 email addresses you don’t use and accounts you’ve lost the passwords for? Facing a mental block about getting more organised and don’t have the time or energy to start on your own? 

Life can be a real struggle these days. If you go to bed anxious and wake up frantic, I can help you feel calmer and more in control, by bringing you simple systems and solutions. 

An expert can help you turn your digital or paper mess into a smooth-running system.  


  • Home: Declutter Spritz
  • Home: Streamline My Life
  • Home: Organised for Life
  • Work: Clear Desk Productivity in a Day
  • Work: Desktop Productivity Revamp in a Day
  • Work: Process Flow and Productivity Boost
  • Paperwork
  • Digital

At KNiQ, we are how organised we are!

First consultation appointment (1 hour): £195.

We will credit you 50% when you purchase a KNiQ programme.