Heart Coherence, Quantum Consciousness

How would it feel to know who you really are on a soul level and to be in control of your life? Wouldn’t you love to enjoy each moment of each day and be the creator of your reality?

Past life regression is a way to unblock energy that could be holding you back. It also gives you insight into why your life is the way it is, and why certain people are in your life.

I have always been involved with alternative therapies, natural healing and alternative ways of thinking. I have been a yoga instructor for 20 years amongst other wonderful things along the way! Nutrition is very important for enhancing our general state of wellbeing and enjoying a lifestyle free of stress. By making time for ourselves and learning to breathe properly, we can bring our body back into homeostasis. Everything is connected, so we need to take care not to forget any aspects of what makes us whole.

I offer lifestyle packages including a nutritional programme, past life and life between life regression and Quantum Consciousness, which is a connection with universal energy. Everything I do is about empowerment. We are incredible beings; we just need to connect back into the power and love we already have.

I trained with the Newton Institute, in 2012, in Past Life and Life Between Life Regression.

I am also a:

  • qualified Quantum Consciousness¬†facilitator
  • HeartMath coach for the HeartMath Institute
  • NLP practitioner
  • nutritionist
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