Discover the VEC® Method

Our Body=Vessel
Our Essence=Energy
Our Brain=Computer

The founder of KNiQ has created 8 habits for discovering the VEC® method. However, there are in fact a total of 18 daily habits that will impact your VEC®. Along with insight from our bodywork, nutritionist, sleep, and kundalini yoga experts, we’ve gathered professional feedback, research and medical proof. You will learn how to integrate these smart habits into your daily life.

We can help you begin your journey to consciously caring for your VEC. These simple habits will provide you with a framework to assist with burning body fat and building energy. Each and every day, you will practise stacking a new habit.

Psychology of habits. The founder is confident the breakthrough of the KNiQ stacking habits method brings forward your positive energy and emotion. It makes your brain pay attention and think: “That felt good. I want to do that behaviour again!” Behaviour scientist BJ Fogg summarises the psychology of habits in three words: Emotions create habits. He says: “The stronger the emotion, the more deeply your brain rewires. For emotion to rewire your brain, you must feel the emotion while you are doing the behaviour, or immediately after.” This equals a habit and becomes easier and easier every day. 

  1. 1. Vessel (body): Your body is a powerful engine. We will teach you how to naturally, and easily, use your body with a combination of techniques to burn fat and move slower.
  2. 2. Essence (energy): What makes your energy? How do you use it? How do you expand it?
  3. 3. Computer (mind): Trading speed (stress) for slowness (peace). Clearing your computer. Slowing down to allow the body to heal (slow state is anti-aging).
  4. 4. Nutrition: Green (alkaline and building natural collagen) grains & fasting; easy structure of fasting (cleaning the body, burning fat and building the immune system).
  1. 5. Water: Easy tricks to keep hydrated throughout the day (cleaning the body and building the immune system).
  2. 6. BodyWork: Building and burning the body to increase the natural growth hormone. Working with the rebounder to stimulate lymph drainage and endurance levels.
  3. 7. Sleep: Breathing pure air in the mountains; preparing for a good night’s sleep without interruption (healing the body and building the immune system).
  4. 8. Honouring thy vessel: We teach you how to make time for yourself and to care for your VEC®. We give you easy habits that anchor to the next, step by step throughout your day. Most importantly, we teach you how to put yourself first before caring for those around you.

Midlife Liberation the 8 habits

You have two opportunities to learn the power of the KNiQ daily habits:


Discover 1-8 daily habits


Discover 118 daily habits.

There is beauty in repetition

AnaRosa Maronas Herrera

Linguistics professor